About Us

Cobre y Metales SpA (CyM) is a Chilean company dedicated to the preparation and export of copper, with an extensive international network of contacts, specializing in foundry by-products, with a unique vocation in the recovery of copper industry waste.

Main Activities

  • Services for Large-Scale Mining Operations

    Operates a crushing plant in Codelco Ventanas smelter to prepare adequate material for their production. It has a mobile crushing plant to provide the service wherever it is required, with a qualified team able to work in any kind of field operation. Manages a logistics platform 45 km from the city of Antofagasta, where material is received, stored and prepared for exportation from the Ports of Antofagasta: ATI and Mejillones Puerto Angamos. Ver más detalles
  • Preparation and exportation of copper smelting products

    Thanks to years of experience in reverts, slag, white metal, blister, ... and a dedicated plant, CyM is the local specialist of by-products of smelting.

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  • Mixing and exportation of concentrates

    CyM exports gold concentrate and copper concentrate from its own mixing plant at Las Gaviotas, located 15 kms from the Port of Valparaíso. Ver más detalles
  • Logistical Integration

    The Company has developed an integrated logistic service (preparation, consolidation, trucking, customs handling, ocean freight) for mining and smelting products.

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Our Team

  • Franck Lançon

    General Manager

  • Amalia Toro Riveros

    Human Resources Director

Plant Managers
  • Pablo Suarez

    Services Area Administrator

  • Ricardo Maturana

    Las Gaviotas - Quintero Plant Administrator

Finances and Administration
  • Alejandro Isla

    Finance Manager

  • Stephanie Escárate

    Accountability Chief

  • Pamela Aros


  • César Riveros


  • Anggie Muñoz


Service Units
  • Macarena Cortés


  • Sebastián Vilches

    Risk Prevention

Our History

  • 2012

    CyM was born with the vision of valuing secondary products and waste from copper foundries in Chile. Thanks to our knowledge of the treatment circuits in Europe and Asia, CyM elaborated preparation lines for reverts and slag, in such a way that it transformed what was industry waste into a product ready for optimum valuation.

  • 2014

    CyM carried out the first export of reverts from the HVL Smelter, with a mobile system of separation by granulometry.

    The reception and mixing of copper concentrate started in  Las Gaviotas plant, Quintero.

  • 2015

    CyM installed a fixed plant for the preparation of reverts in the Ventanas de Codelco smelter, with an original crushing and loading system in line without human intervention, directly to containers, with simultaneous consolidation of 2 containers with 2 different products. From this date this service has been part of the constant activities carried out by CyM.

    CyM organized the purchase, logistics and administration of the export of 35,000 tons of smelting slag from Codelco Ventanas, classified IMO 9.

    CyM moved its administrative office to Edificio Quantum (Alonso de Córdova, Las Condes) and structured its Integrated Logistics Department.

  • 2016

    A mobile preparation plant to process spot lots was built and implemented in the North, especially for Codelco Chuquicamata.

    New reception and mixing plant for gold and copper concentrate: “Las Gaviotas” site.

    CyM obtained its first contract for the separation and preparation of refractory bricks used with Codelco. From this date, this service has been part of CyM‘s constant activities.

  • 2018

    “Las Gaviotas” processed and exported 2,000 tons of concentrates per month and 400 tons of gold concentrate per month.

    Re opening of San Ignacio plant and Samples laboratory  in Antofagasta region. This plant is dedicated to warehousing and export of copper reverse.

  • 2019

    Founding of San Ignacio Bodega Plant, copper concentrate stockpile platform in Antofagasta Region with a capacity of 30.000 tones.